My New Flight Attendant Job

I really love to travel the world and that is the reason I became a flight attendant by applying for the job through My name is Abraham by the way. It’s not important who I am, but what I do is. You see the reason I chose to become a flight attendant wasn’t just because I wanted to see the world, it’s because I never got to travel out of the U.S.A when I was younger.

I grew up poor and my family barely had enough money to eat 3 meals per day or to pay rent, let alone go on family vacations. I always saw people in magazines having a great time in Mexico or other exotic places in magazines and I was always so jealous because we were stuck in the small town I grew up in. Then when I got older I had to take a job to support my family and to pay for my own college so I never got the chance to travel.

What I went to college for is irrelevant because I never ended up using it for anything. I mean seriously, I didn’t want to become a gym teacher in the same town I grew up in! For these reasons I decided to become a flight attendant; I wanted to see the whole world and now that I’m working for a great international airline I can finally do that. Sure, being an airline attendant does mean that I spend a lot of time on the plane, but I often take a few days in between to see the places that other people are paying so much money to see. I have to say that’s probably the best part of being a flight attendant because I actually get paid to go places that other people pay to go see.

There are some parts of the job that I really don’t like though. One of those parts is the fact that many people who fly on airplanes tend to be quite rude and self-entitled. I don’t know how many times I have had to tell a person to sit down when the seatbelt sign is on or how many times I have had to tell people to put their cellphones on airplane mode. I just don’t get why these people can’t listen, after all I’m not telling them these things to annoy them, it’s for their own safety. Then there are the people who just keep demanding more and pushing my buttons. That’s OK though because the vast majority of people are just fine and they understand the rules of air travel. Over all being a flight attendant is a really cool job because I do get to meet a lot of interesting people, most of which are really nice and down to earth.

I have had a lot of jobs, none of which I like more than this one. Perhaps the only part of the job that I despise is having to eat that dreadful airplane food. Sure I work for them, but that doesn’t mean I have to like their microwave cooking. All of that being said I wouldn’t trade this job for any other; hey, I finally get to see Mexico!

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