My Puppy And I

Hey all, it’s Abraham and today I want to talk about my puppy. Well I guess he isn’t a puppy anymore because he is now 4 years old, but you know how it is, your children always remain babies. Yes I did just call my pet dog my baby; after all he is a part of the family. Sure he didn’t come out of my wife’s womb like my other 2 children, but he did come to me as a puppy from the Animal League and I have loved him ever since. Some people may not understand that pets are family, yet I am not one of those people.

My dog’s name is Boomer and I love him dearly. Yeah I know, Boomer is kind of a dumb name for a dog, but it seemed fitting, especially because when he barks it almost blows out my eardrums. Plus I am a good ole boy from the U.S.A so I had to give my dog that resembled that. Anyway Boomer is now 4 years old and he continues to grow on me day by day. It probably helps that Boomer is my favorite breed of dog, that being a Rottweiler.

Rottweilers are great because they are big, they are bad, and they are boss. Boomer is a fantastic dog because he servers as my friend, my companion, and my home security system too. Nobody wants to break into my house when they hear a 120 pound jaw full of teeth barking and growling like a chainsaw with backfire. I have to say that Boomer makes for the best security system I have ever had. I mean a normal security system can make a lot of noise, but if someone actually breaks in a security system can’t bite them in the backside like Boomer can!

Listening to me talk about him you may think that he is a big mean dog, but that definitely is not the case. Boomer will defend me and himself if the situation calls for it, yet that usually isn’t necessary. Sure he may have some bad moods, but he is the friendliest and sappiest creature that I have ever come into contact with. Like I said he weighs close to 120 pounds, something that has never stopped him from thinking that he is a lapdog. When I watch TV with my family he is always right there on the couch beside me, or should I say mostly on top of me. I guess he can get a little heavy but that’s OK because I will love him no matter how fat he gets.

Speaking of being fat, I might need to take him on some longer walks because he was supposed to stop gaining weight when he turned 2 and thanks to the ample amounts of food I feed him he hasn’t stopped growing in the 4 years I’ve had him. Well to be fair he has only grown in width over the past 2 years. I should probably get him some more toys too because he has this stupid habit of eating my shoes. So that’s all for today; I am Abraham and Boomer is my awesome dog.

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