Renovating My Kitchen

Hey folks, it’s Abraham and I’m back to give you another little blurb about my life and what I like to do. Maybe it’s irrelevant to you, but I feel the need to share my life and my experiences with others, so here is a little story of my kitchen renovations and the dream kitchen that I always wanted to have. I guess it’s important to note that one of my favorite ever hobbies is cooking. I just love to create new dishes or just make some old classics and I especially love cooking Asian food, that or French food; you can’t go wrong with French cuisine.A few months ago I realized that not all of my dishes were coming out the way that I wanted and I figured it was probably because of my old and dilapidated kitchen. I mean seriously, my stove would take like half an hour to preheat to even the lowest of temperatures. I decided that if I wanted to keep cooking a lot then I would need to renovate my kitchen and get the equipment that I need to make a real 5 star 9 course meal.

The first thing that I want to say is that even though my kitchen turned out better than I had ever expected, the process was not fun and it actually kind of turned into a disaster along the way. The reason that my kitchen renovations were such a disaster was because it all ended up being a lot more expensive than I had at first hoped, but hopes and dreams get shattered along with bank accounts. Anyway all was fine at first because I just focused on getting all of the old appliances out, followed by removing old shelving and cabinetry and that’s when I made some crucial discoveries.

Long story short, I thought that I would just be replacing the appliances, shelves, drawers, and cabinets, but boy was I ever wrong. After removing the top layers I realized that my plumbing was in shambles, the wiring was faulty and ready to cause a fire, and all of the wood in the walls was damp and beginning to rot. I was pretty shocked because I had hoped that everything would be intact, but I wasn’t discouraged because I really wanted my new kitchen, so I decided to press on and keep rebuilding.

After I had spent several thousand dollars replacing all of the wiring, plumbing, and walls I didn’t have quite as much money left for the surface of my kitchen and my appliances, but I made due. I shopped around for a quite a while in search of appliances and building materials that wouldn’t destroy my budget. It was hard, but it wasn’t impossible, mind you it did take me a fair amount of time. Anyway after 2 long and hard months of looking for materials, screwing, nailing, hammering, and sawing I had finally managed to build the kitchen of my dreams. What was the worst part of this experience you may ask? Well let me tell you that even though I now have my perfect kitchen my food still doesn’t come out any better. I guess I’m not as good at cooking as my wife would have hoped!

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