My Family Camping Trip

Hey guys, it’s Abraham here and I’m back to give you another little glimpse into my life. Today I’m here to talk about my family camping trip that I take every summer with my wife, my 2 kids, and even my dog. Sure taking my dog on a camping trip may not be ideal because we always have to look after him and usually have him tied to a tree so he doesn’t run off and get lost in the woods forever, but then again he is part of the family and going on a family trip means taking him along too. The dog isn’t really a big problem though, after all if I can deal with him eating my shoes I can also deal with looking after him in the woods.

Anyway we usually go on this camping trip in the middle of the summer because that way we can be sure that the weather is going to be really nice and free of rain. We went camping in the spring just once and that was a mistake because we spent most of the time in our tent avoiding a torrential downpour. Oh well, we live and we learn, which is exactly why we only go camping in June, July, or August now. Besides, camping is a lot more fun when me and the kids can walk around in shorts and a t-shirt, not to mention that we can’t go swimming if it isn’t warm enough outside. Seriously now, half the point of camping is getting to be outside and to go swimming and that’s not something that we can do if it isn’t summer!

Swimming isn’t really my thing, but my kids enjoy it a lot and when we go camping they will spend at least 5 hours in the water every single day. That is actually one of the reasons as to why I bought a bunch of inflatable water toys; my young and cute little girl just can’t get enough of riding around on her inflatable dolphin toy. Something about the water that I did enjoy on my camping trip was when we all got a chance to go water skiing. The guy in the cabin next to us had a great boat and a few pairs of water skis. I guess he noticed that we were all watching him and his family water ski with wonder and a longing to try it ourselves so he asked us if we wanted to join in on the fun; of course we didn’t refuse!

The water skiing happened on the last day of our camping trip, but boy was it ever worth it. After we were done blasting around on the water we decided to make a giant campfire, something that we always do signify that it’s our last night in the woods. This year we really went all out and in fact I almost managed to burn down a tree. No matter though because we managed not to start a forest fire, but we did get to roast our own fish that we had caught that morning; were they ever delicious! Anyway, my name is Abraham and one of my favorite ever things to do is to go camping with my family.

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