New Career – Salary Not The Only Factor

I mentioned in an earlier blog that I had recently started a new job as a flight attendant with an airline that shall remain nameless.

One thing I kept from you in that blog post is what I previously did for a living.  Before I became a flight attendant I was a health and safety principle designer in the construction industry.  I was also based in the UK, but that’s a story for another time.

I mention this because I actually took a pay decrease when I move jobs. According to Bryan & Armstrong in London a principal designer salary is much higher than that over a air steward and I wanted to talk about my motivation for changing careers. Continue reading »

Keeping Fit On A Tight Schedule

Hello it’s Abraham and today I want to talk a little bit about how I keep fit and stay active even on a very busy schedule. Yes I have 2 kids that require a lot of attention and a dog too, not to mention that my job as a flight attendant keeps me really busy. Between everything going in my life I barely have to work out on a regular basis, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t get my exercise in; I just have to be diligent and exercise whenever I can. Continue reading »

My Family Camping Trip

Hey guys, it’s Abraham here and I’m back to give you another little glimpse into my life. Today I’m here to talk about my family camping trip that I take every summer with my wife, my 2 kids, and even my dog. Sure taking my dog on a camping trip may not be ideal because we always have to look after him and usually have him tied to a tree so he doesn’t run off and get lost in the woods forever, but then again he is part of the family and going on a family trip means taking him along too. The dog isn’t really a big problem though, after all if I can deal with him eating my shoes I can also deal with looking after him in the woods. Continue reading »

Renovating My Kitchen

Hey folks, it’s Abraham and I’m back to give you another little blurb about my life and what I like to do. Maybe it’s irrelevant to you, but I feel the need to share my life and my experiences with others, so here is a little story of my kitchen renovations and the dream kitchen that I always wanted to have. I guess it’s important to note that one of my favorite ever hobbies is cooking. I just love to create new dishes or just make some old classics and I especially love cooking Asian food, that or French food; you can’t go wrong with French cuisine. Continue reading »

My New Flight Attendant Job

I really love to travel the world and that is the reason I became a flight attendant by applying for the job through My name is Abraham by the way. It’s not important who I am, but what I do is. You see the reason I chose to become a flight attendant wasn’t just because I wanted to see the world, it’s because I never got to travel out of the U.S.A when I was younger. Continue reading »


My Puppy And I

Hey all, it’s Abraham and today I want to talk about my puppy. Well I guess he isn’t a puppy anymore because he is now 4 years old, but you know how it is, your children always remain babies. Yes I did just call my pet dog my baby; after all he is a part of the family. Sure he didn’t come out of my wife’s womb like my other 2 children, but he did come to me as a puppy from the Animal League and I have loved him ever since. Some people may not understand that pets are family, yet I am not one of those people. Continue reading »