Places to visit with kids in Toronto

Traveling around with kids is not a child’s play. And if you have ever traveled with your kids for long hours, you know what I mean! Packing all their essential utilities and carrying them safely in flights are some of the tasks that you have to endure apart from the usual stress associated with traveling. And while majority of the parents prefer to stay at home with kids on holidays, some brave amongst them plan a Vacation.

While traveling with kids, we all prefer a destination that has ease of transportation, easy accessibility and entertaining places both for you and your kids. One of such destinations that are highly visited throughout the year and mostly by families is Toronto. There are many things that you can do with your kids in Toronto. From adventure parks to top galleries, there are multiple entertainment options. However, if you are on a short visit, then here is a list of top 5 places that you should not miss:

CN TowerThe CN Tower

The amazing height of this tower would surely grab your children’s attention. To climb on tall things is in our nature and so don’t be surprised if your kids express the desire to climb all the way. You get an amazing sky view of the beautiful Toronto city from the top of this tower thereby getting various clicking opportunities. This is one of the places that actually are visited by more number of families than solo travelers and so, you’ll find many families enjoying and having fun.

toronto-zooToronto zoo

Irrespective of the fact that you are an animal lover or not, you and your kids would surely enjoy this place. Having a collection of over 5000 animals, this 710 acres wide zoo requires a complete day to roam around and enjoy it fully. This place is divided into 6 ecological zones and animals can be found in them accordingly. You’ll need to walk a lot so don’t forget to wear comfortable Shoes and even though there are many refreshment stalls within the premises, it is better to carry a water bottle if you are visiting Toronto in summers. In addition, do not forget to visit the interactive children’s zoo which would totally entertain and thrill your kids.

Royal Ontario Museum

If you want to make this trip a learning experience for your kids, then this place is not to be missed. Amazing architecture of this largest Museum of Canada is mesmerizing and the exhibits are entertaining. You’ll find many dinosaurs which would totally thrill your kids. In addition, there are many cafes and restaurants where you can savor the delicious Canadian food. Many tours solely for kids are organized which can provide you and your spouse some time alone.

Center Island

This amusement park has been solely made keeping children’s entertainment in mind. Filled with amusement rides, beaches and play activities, this place has been marked as a no car zone and so you can relax and enjoy without being worried about your kids. You can also enroll them in group activities and enjoy a breather. In addition, there are multiple restaurants within the premises of this Island where you can relish your favorite delicacies and try some new ones. Ideally, you need a complete day to enjoy and relax in this island. It’s 20 km from the Toronto city and accessible by any public transportation.
Ontario Science Center: If you want to make this trip a learning experience for your kids’ then Science Center is a place that has successfully mixed learning with fun. Your children can learn about tornado and can even touch it, learn about echo in artificial caves and play various science games. Though this Place is located out of the city but with the amount of fun your kids would definitely have, travel is worth it.

Toronto is a great destination to visit with family. It takes roughly 6-7 days to have a complete tour of this city as all the destinations are wide in the area and consumes full day. So, if you really and fully want to enjoy this city then spare a substantial amount of time. And while there are multiple numbers of hotels in almost every round the corner in Toronto, the most cost effective option would be to stay in a semi or fully furnished Apartment. You can book them 2-3 months in advance and enjoy huge discounts.